"Led by Moss Architects, the on-point design firm behind Tender Bar + Kitchen in Lawrenceville, Burgatory and the upcoming Ace Hotel to open in East Liberty next year, the renovation suggested more than just an update of the restaurant. It fueled hopes for the continued update of the neighborhood… When it comes to design, no detail is left undone. The Sakari dining room is minimalist, with a black ceiling and gray carpet, a Moby-inspired soundtrack, lit candles on every table and a layout so that every seat offers stellar views." - Melissa McCart, Dining Critic, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


“The project continues to be very exciting! Thank you for designing and creating a beautiful and clean new office space for Schenley Capital & other tenants in Sewickley. It is a very thoughtful building, I appreciate your work.” - Elizabeth Genter, Schenley Capital Inc


“You guys nailed it! The layouts were brilliant. I love, love, love the design and we are so glad that we found you!” - Anna Parisi, Chemistry Communications


"My wife and I have worked with Moss Architects on three projects: our home, plus our two restaurants. They exceeded expectations each time, resulting in spectacular, award-winning spaces. They're not just passionate professionals; they're good people. And we hope to work with them many times more." - Jeff Catalina, Restaurateur


"I've come to truly trust Andrew and his crew over the years. His architecture, ability to understand my projects and deliver when he says he will are all fantastic." - Brian Mendelssohn, Botero Development


"Of all of the decisions involved in building our Pittsburgh home, choosing mossArchitects was the best decision we made. In fact, we subsequently hired them to design both of our restaurants, commercial projects they approached in the same thoughtful and personal way to deliver similarly comfortable, contemporary spaces. 

In our architect selection process, we found mossArchitects to be the most approachable, most engaging, and most willing to listen about our vision for a new home. They asked all the right questions, helping us arrive at a set of parameters to work with such as lifestyle preferences that helped us hone in on a building location, as well as room adjacencies that represented the spaces and circulation desired for our home. The team expressed a genuine interest in us and understanding our needs for the home of our dreams. 

They also clearly stood out in their approach to design. We were surprised to find that many architects injected incredibly formal processes and procedures into their method. By contrast, we shared with mossArchitects the desire for a more iterative approach, while still adhering to an overall development process consistent with AIA standards. We believed such flexibility absolutely critical—not only because that’s how we work, but also because we were entering the process long distance, via conference calls and emails. 

During the construction process, mossArchitects became our critical advocates and problem solvers. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Andrew and the rest of the team helped to make building our dream home the incredibly fun project that it should be. Their website says that the firm’s 'design process begins and ends with the client: their dreams, values and goals.' We couldn’t agree more."  
- Erin Catalina, Restaurateur